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What are the stages of oil pumps works

What are the stages of oil pumps works

Injection pump work, under the action of the spring on the injection pump camshaft cam and plunger, forcing the plunger for the reciprocating motion, thus completing the oil-pumping missions, oil-pumping process can be divided into the following three stages.

1, into the oil process

When the protruding part of the cam is turned, the spring force, the downward movement of plunger piston upper space (called the pump oil chamber) to produce the degree of vacuum, when the plunger on the end to put the plunger into the open the hole filled with diesel in the oil pump within the upper body oil path through the hole into the pump oil chamber, the plunger movement to the next point, the end of the Inlet.

2, oil process

When the cam camshaft Go to the convex part from the top of the roller body, the plunger spring is compressed, the upward movement of the plunger, fuel pressure, part of the fuel flow back into the fuel injection pump through the hole of the upper oil chamber. When the upper edge of the piston top surface of the cover sleeve motivated hole, the plunger and the sleeve with a small gap (0.0015-0.0025 mm) so that the plunger at the top of the pump oil chamber into a sealed oil chamber column , pushed out the valve plug continue to rise, the rapid increase in pump oil chamber of the hydraulic pump oil pressure> residual pressure valve spring force + high-pressure tubing, high pressure diesel fuel through the outlet valve into the high pressure tubing, injector sprayed into the combustion chamber.

3, back to the oil process

Plunger up the oil, when connected with the back hole on the sleeve up to the chute on the plunger (stopped supply side), the pump oil chamber Low oil will be in the hole with the piston head and the radial holes and skewed communication, hydraulic sharp decline in the oil quickly close the valve spring force, to stop the fuel supply. Thereafter, the plunger also upstream, when the protruding portion of the cam is turned, under the action of the spring, the plunger downstream. Began the next cycle.