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The use of centrifugal conducting oil pump the presentation

The use of centrifugal conducting oil pump the presentation

The centrifugal conducting oil pump in use to display their important role, in accordance with certain principles to ensure good function in the work of Shi Zhanliang. The working principle of centrifugal heat-conducting oil pump is relatively simple, structures and components in the pump body to each other with the use of and work to ensure that display an important role and value.

Centrifugal heat-conducting oil pump is produced and used in accordance with the process, in accordance with certain works to ensure that display an important role and value in use. Has a unique structural characteristics and structure of conducting oil pump self-priming centrifugal impeller installed in the pump housing and tighten the pump shaft, the shaft driven by the motor directly. Shaft and impeller used in conjunction with each other, brought into full play to their strengths and characteristics in use, the pump housing center a liquid suction and the suction pipe connection, send the liquid in use. Liquid through the bottom valve and the suction pipe into the pump. The liquid discharge outlet on the pump casing and discharge pipe connection. Centrifugal heat-conducting oil pump to open and close a lot issues that require attention to ensure the implementation and work in accordance with the method in use. Before the start of the centrifugal conducting oil pump, pump shell filled with liquid to be transported; starts after the start, the impeller driven by the shaft speed rolling of liquid between the blades must be followed by rolling. Under the action of centrifugal force the liquid from the impeller central was thrown to the outer edge and access to energy, high speed leaving the impeller outer edge into the volute pump casing.

Centrifugal conducting oil pump relies on a rotating impeller to the original idea of ​​the mechanical role of the liquid can be passed to the liquid. Because the role of the centrifugal conducting oil pump liquid from the impeller inlet flow of export process, its speed and pressure can all be increased, the liquid discharged by the impeller speed through the pressure chamber, departments can be converted into pressure energy, and then along the discharge pipe transfer out, this time, the impeller at the entrance to the discharge of the liquid to form a vacuum or low pressure, suction pool of liquid in the surface pressure (atmospheric pressure), pressed into the impeller entrance, so, the spinning of the impeller continuous constant suction and discharge liquid.

Necessary guarantee in accordance with certain processes to produce and use, and good preparatory work to ensure that in use into full play good upper hand, the progress of work efficiency in the use of centrifugal conducting oil pump before use. Centrifugal conducting oil pump before the first pump full of liquid, and then start the centrifugal conducting oil pump, quickly scroll impeller, the impeller blades driven liquid rolling dependent inertial scrolling of the liquid flow to the impeller outer edge to sucked into the impeller from the suction chamber liquid, in this process, the impeller in the liquid flow around blades, liquid in the movement of the flow around the role of a lift in the leaves, in turn, leaves an equal with the size of this lift, in the opposite direction of force applied to the liquid, this force liquid acting, so that the liquid to get the energy outflow from the impeller, when the kinetic energy of the liquid and pressure are increased. The working principle of centrifugal heat-conducting oil pump is relatively simple, according to a certain process and means to ensure that his greatest efficiency at work.