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Reasons and approach of the leaking water pump

Reasons and approach of the leaking water pump

1, water pump leaking reason

(1) installation of pumps, water seal seat assembly is not installed in place, causing the pump to continue leaking. And view the shaft of the hole corresponding to the block (Lut) hydrosphere, and when the water seal leakage, cooling water along the shaft in case of retaining ring from the pump manhole thrown out and Dettol, which prevents lubrication cooling water flows into the bearing damage. In addition, replace the retaining ring, do not pay attention to clear between the pump and pump cover can not be a good combination and sealing will cause the pump leaking.

(2) the old machine, water seal, mechanical wear and tear, corrosion and aging failure, but also is the reason of the water pump leaking. When long-term parking of construction machinery, due to engine cooling water, resulting in bakelite gasket dry, shrinkage and deformation; Bakelite seal swell, but not full restitution after adding water, is bound to cause a small amount of leakage. In addition, the newly installed pump, the the bakelite seal and cast iron bushing is not yet fully running good, will also lead to pump a small amount of leakage.

(3) Construction Machinery poor working conditions, likely to cause uneven wear in of bakelite seal and bushing end; spring soak in water for a long time, easily corroded, stretch down, can also cause leaks.

(4) Winter forget to water or water net, and the water temperature after the condensation of water vapor cooling system within the ice, may have resulted in the pumps pump was the cracking caused the leakage.

2, the emergency measures

Found that the engine is operating pump leakage, shall immediately stop the work should be to keep it at the lowest stable speed, side and waterside water to the cooling system (Note: Open the filler cap should be put on the top covering to prevent steam burns) smoke, engine cooling, and a short period of time, slow driving, reaching near the shelter and then excluded. If you suddenly encountered a pump shell rupture and leakage, or water pump mechanical damage lost pumping effect, may, at their discretion, replace parts, troubleshooting.

Pump damage is very serious, the way they did not repair the condition, can pump into the outlet pipe connected directly to take advantage of the natural cycle of the role of hot and cold water temporarily to make the engine to maintain a normal temperature; or use an inner tube or water drums are used as containers, will be firmly fixed, and then leads to two hose from the container, the one connected to the engine intake, another root access to the engine outlet, the other end of the two tubes inserted into the container and the hose should be fixed firmly.

If the pump shell cracks and leakage, and can handle clean cracks, and then stick with adhesive to fill. Emergency, the available egg plus cement mixture into the molasses applied in the cracks upon solidification a few minutes.

Driving or operating process of construction machinery, pump water seal leakage is often the case. As long as the rejection of the hydrosphere is damaged or swelling deformation, the spring force of the water seal or break, such as failure, can deal with emergency. Emergency treatment of the specific approach is: If the water pump water seal minor leaks due to poor sealing, but the wear and tear is not too serious, in glass or flat capped with an emery cloth, a water seal sealing plane grinding flat to; bakelite water seal flip before use. But should be aware of grinding, the contact surface of the water, cover and water pump body should be to ensure that the sealing performance.