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Occurrence and cause of failure of the hydraulic pump hydraulic system

Occurrence and cause of failure of the hydraulic pump hydraulic system
Fault occurrence and cause of the hydraulic pump hydraulic system analysis:
Find the cause of the malfunction, and to improve the system repair from the following three:
(1) check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. The easiest way is to move the arm raised, to see whether there is a significant drop in free. If the whereabouts of the obvious you remove the fuel tank to check the seals if worn should be replaced.
(2) Check the control valve. First of cleaning the relief valve, check the spool for wear, such as wear and tear should be replaced. The safety valve installation remains unchanged, and then check the wear of the manipulation of the valve spool to its clearance limit generally is 0.06mm serious wear and tear should be replaced.
(3) measuring the pressure of the hydraulic pump. If the pressure is low, then adjust the pressure to still tune up, then the severe wear of the hydraulic pump.
Generally speaking, causing the boom load the main reasons for not upgrading:
(a) hydraulic pump serious wear and tear. Pump leakage at low speed; high-speed operation, the pump pressure increased slightly, but due to pump wear and leaks, the significant reduction in volumetric efficiency, it is difficult to achieve the rated pressure. Hydraulic pump to work long hours but also exacerbate the wear and temperature rise, the resulting wear of hydraulic components and seals of aging, damage, loss of sealing ability of hydraulic oil deterioration, and finally lead to failure.
(b) selection of hydraulic components is unreasonable. Boom cylinder size 70/40 non-standard series, the seal is also non-standard parts, the manufacturing costs are high and the seals to replace the inconvenience. Boom cylinder bore is bound to make the system a set pressure is high.
c hydraulic system design is unreasonable. The series is a single pump control valve and the hydraulic steering gear, the safety valve set pressure points 16MPa, while the hydraulic pump rated pressure of 16MPa. Hydraulic pumps often work under full load or a long time overload (high pressure) and hydraulic impact, long-term oil, hydraulic oil contaminated, exacerbated by the hydraulic pump wear, so that the hydraulic pump pump shell burst .