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Concrete pump installation and commissioning

Concrete pump installation and commissioning


1, the installation

Concrete mixing trucks for material concrete pump (referred to as the pump), may be installed, as long as it can easily take over and feed you can, if it is the site mixing of concrete for material on the material of the first venues and mixer way to determine the location of the mixer, the mixer discharge height and suitable for pumping and take over the requirements, to determine the location of the pump. Installation method is as follows:

(1) of the first pump at a firm concrete floor or on the pier, to keep it level, and pump four legs pins and safety pins locking the tires off the ground, or removal of the tire.

(2) between the discharge port of the mixer and pump hopper, a chute, mixer unloaded material through the chute into the hopper of the pump. Chute is usually with the angle iron skeleton, from 1.5mm thick steel plate welded together. The chute below the support set up, to make it solid. Requirements on the chute, the slope appropriate, the best tilt angle of 25 degrees -40 degrees, to leave some space between the chute and the pump hopper, easy to clean hopper and sieve.

(3) pumps in place to ensure that the pump casing doors able to open and shut freely, ease of maintenance operations.

(4) Under normal circumstances, the top of the hopper of the pump required increasing the height of 20cm or so, this can increase the volume of the hopper, to ensure the concrete outflow (due to the compulsory mixer is the best time to finish unloading the material, which flows into the hopper of the concrete relatively uniform, such as sub-discharge, the final concrete stone ones, on pumping adverse, if we adopt the large-capacity mixer, prior to a storage hopper for continuous feeding.

2, piping layout

(1) The piping arrangements to ensure the smooth pumping and normal transport., Try to shorten its length, and reduce the elbow, in order to reduce transport resistance.

(2) a good idea to received more than 2m of the front of the conical tube straight tube before bending, also to ensure that the straight tube to the tube axis and the cone axis coincident to achieve reliable fixation, in order cone pipe after the disassemble and clean energy quickly installed back.

(4) of site construction conditions and the demand to take over the rational arrangement of piping to eliminate hidden dangers.

(3) The pipe must be connected firmly bend the Department will need additional solid fixtures, each 10m spacing of the horizontal pipeline need to set up a solid pipe clamp to be vacant, in order to dismantle and take over the road. Each clamp must be clamped in place to ensure that the joints tight seal, no leakage of plasma leakage.

3, commissioning

(1) pump in place, should the pump to conduct an overall inspection to check include: fluid level within the tank, hydraulic hose fittings, hose clamps holder connections are loose within the limits prescribed with or without oil spill, the connection of electrical components is disconnected or off-line contact screw is loose, whether there is foreign matter or impurities in the hopper.

(2) electrical aspects of the inspection. First of all, you should check the field voltage (380 ± 10%) V, the pump shall be a dedicated control switch shall be consistent with the specifications of the electricity cable and pump on the main cable, and take a good ground. Then do the following checks:

A closed control circuit switch, power indicator light, programmable logic controller PLC module is energized, the light on the observation module (respectively, start, run and fault), if you start running lights; fault lights off, then the normal, normal operation can be carried out, and vice versa is not normal, the pump unit can not operate.

B, according to the motor start button, look at the motor AC contactor according to the procedure action, the motor indicator light is on.

C, respectively, by pumping, anti-pump, pressure test, mixing button and programmable logic controller input and output signals.
(3) If everything is normal, the pump can start running

A, the main motor and control circuit air switch to the location of the “integration”. Open key or emergency stop switch, power indicator light, show that the control circuit power is switched on.

To move the motor start button, so that the main motor to run for 1-2S, and check the motor rotation (from the motor output shaft counterclockwise, indicated that the main hydraulic pump to spin to the same); If the steering does not as long as any exchange of two-phase power to total power.

C, the machine empty running 10min, check the machine with or without abnormal noise, tube clip for loose connections or leakage, the plate valve pressure to achieve the required value.

D, open the radiator cap to the tank fill with water, or at least submerged piston rod anhydrous Games shaft seal and the rapid deterioration of the concrete piston.

, Check the lubrication pump lubricating oil, as required, add oil.

F, using grease gun to the distribution valve cylinder and tank indirect lever oil standard fill lubricants.

Pressure test operating 10S, to fill oil closed oil and check the pressure of the main system.

, Press the pump button to observe whether normal pump action, and start mixing, check its positive and reverse direction with the switch marked (from the motor output shaft clockwise for forward).

I, pumping 10min after the anti-pump operation, and check the positive and anti-pump with the switch marked in the same direction.

Throughout the operation which should always pay attention to all parts of the connection of the pump, high pressure hose and each instrument, in case of emergency stop directly on the total stop switch, just in case.

(4) concrete aspects. Machine no-load debug after pumping concrete can be ready, but before the pumping would also like to do: to understand the variety and quality of coarse aggregate in the concrete as well as particle size and gradation, and the formation of a tight labor organization, rational division of labor , the arrangement of the contact measures by the person responsible for overseeing the feeding, cleaning utensils and prepare all kinds of repair tools and transmission lines, ready night lights.

Subject to lose up to pipeline minimum work path limit the maximum size of coarse aggregate, the requirements of the largest gravel particle size of not more than 1/4 diameter, gravel does not exceed 1/3 diameter, allowing a small amount of oversized aggregate mixed, but not more than 2 percent, and they must be dispersed, fine aggregate type user sand prepared concrete pumpability best, with an average particle diameter is 0.25-0.3mm, generally the sand was 38% -45% the sand rate in more than 45% coarse sand is 31% -33% better pumping concrete water-cement ratio to between 0.4-0.6, additives in general use water-reducing agent, it make the cohesion of the slurry structure into a decentralized structure, thereby increasing liquidity.

Control of the slump of the concrete is generally in the 8-23cm, pumping distance and height of the general control in the 18-20cm, drop down pumping and general control in the 12-14cm.

(5) pumping concrete to note the following:

A, start the concrete pump for empty running, if the temperature is low, the air operation time should be longer, hydraulic oil temperature to rise to 15 degrees Celsius can be pumped.

To the hopper to a certain amount of clean water to warm the hopper, distribution valve and transmission pipeline.

C, before pumping concrete required pumping mortar 0.5-1m3; part of the mortar (to the the Hopper axis, Xiachu) shall be retained in the hopper until the concrete by adding the hopper before pumping together.

D, in the process of pumping concrete, we must pay strict attention to the actual mixing quality and slump of the concrete, if the mixing of concrete does not meet the pumping requirements, must be removed.

E, the hopper Internet should not be filled with concrete, the online super-size aggregate and debris must be promptly removed to stop pumping when the hopper of the mixing shaft card refuses to turn, and promptly reversed the operation, troubleshooting concrete in the hopper can not be too little, in order to prevent the suction air pipe blockage, when feeding to keep up to stop pumping.

, Pumping operations to be interrupted for a long time, you should stop mixing hopper, sink or make concrete coarse aggregate should be stirred again pumping, should be positive, anti-pump operation two stroke after the return to normal pumping.

G, in the pumping process, to be frequently observed on various instruments such as pressure and lubrication pumps, if abnormal, should be immediately removed to ensure that pumping normally.

4, pipe cleaning

Cleaning transmission pipeline, the best pumping 0.5-1m3 of mortar, and then stop all pumping finished, and then flip the plate valve switch and relieved the pressure of the accumulator.

There are two ways in the pipeline cleaning, washing and gas washing, whether it is washed or gas washing, valve box and the hopper must be clean. Washing should be open conical tube and cleaned, and then tied into a cylindrical cement bags soaked with water and cleaning the ball successively into a clean conical tube cleaning, followed by a back taper pipe and tubing, to close unloading Doumen, and then the hopper is filled with water (required to keep the water constantly); pumping water until the smoke from the front-end pipeline until the cleaning ball.

Washing, cutting ring and eye plate (butterfly valve pump is a plate valve and tie bar and the upper and lower wear piece of) the gap is smaller, the need for large amounts of water, tightly sealed, do not water after cleaning the ball forward penetration . Washed the end of the pipe in the water, do not flow to the pouring of concrete location, to avoid affecting the quality of concrete. This method is simple, less dangerous, more commonly used.

Gas washing, blowing with compressed air, cleaning ball soaked in water first into the gas wash joints, followed by the first root of straight pipe with adjustable phase, and in the end of the pipe connected to the safety cover, (orifice security cover to be down). Gas washing, the need to control the compressed air pressure of not more than 0.8MPa; valve to slowly open before opening the valve when the concrete can be successfully outflow; after gas washing, immediately close the valve.

Gas washing need to be equipped with air compressors, in strict accordance with the provisions of the operating requirements of good piping tightness, gas washing can not wash a very long pipeline, long-distance pipeline should be segmented cleaning, be careful with this method is more dangerous, so the construction workers to stay away from the direction of exports in order to prevent the pellets or cleaning the ball flying out of wounding.