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What’s a micro pumps

Now how is micro-pumps, micro pumps, micro vacuum pumps, how selection mainly depends on several parameters of flow, pressure or head, the need for self-absorption, and so on.

Selection to selection according to specific requirements.

First, the only pumping or solution, requires ability to self-absorption, and the output flow and pressure requirements.

Description: The pumping of the working medium is water, and other non-oily liquid solution (not containing solid particles, etc.), self-absorption feature, you can choose the following pumps: 1, flow requirements greater (about 4 to 20 L / min), pressure ask for much (about 1 to 3 kg), mainly for water cycle, water sampling, upgrading, requiring low noise, long life, high self-priming suction lift, etc., are optional BSP, CSP and other series; 2, flow requirements are not high (about 1 to 5 l / min), but the pressure (about 2 to 11 kg), mainly used for spraying, pressure, washing, etc. do not need to work long hours at high pressure or large loads, you can choose ASP, HSP series; 3 pumping station for tea, kung fu tea pumping, spraying, etc., requiring size as small as possible, the flow requirements of small, low noise (about 0.1 to 3 liters / minute), optional PHW, ASP, etc. series.

Second, the need for pumping or gas volume value, noise, continuous use of performance specifications: moisture requirements of dual-use, long-term dry turn, does not damage the pump; 24 hours of continuous operation; very small size, low noise, but the flow rate, pressure ask for much.

1, using a micro-pump suction or vacuum, but sometimes liquid water into the pump chamber.

2, requires both micro-pump can pump exhaust.

3, using a micro-pump is pumping, but sometimes may pump no water can be pumped, in the dry-transfer state.

Some of the traditional fear of running dry pump, turn, damage to the pump dry. The PHW series is essentially a complex function of the pump, vacuum pump and pump it integrates the functions, some people call it a vacuum pump. Thus, in the case of no water, it will vacuum, when it pumped water. Whether state or pumping exhaust state are normal scope of work, it does not matter from dry damage.

4, the main pumping using a micro-pump, but do not want to rely on artificial increase in the water before pumping (some work is required before the artificial pump to add some water, so in order to lower the pump pumping the water up, or even damage to the pump can not pump), which hope there are self-priming pump. Then you can PHW products strengths is that there is no access to water, it will vacuum, the vacuum formed by the pressure after the pressure up, and then start pumping.

The above applications, you can choose PHW Series.

Third, the greater the flow requirements of medium containing a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues, etc.

Description: to smoke in the medium, one that contains less than 31mm diameter soft solid particles (such as hair, fish manure, sewage sludge, residues, etc.), and can be cut into smaller particles, but the viscosity can not be too great!

2, allowed to work in media containing a small amount of oil (such as a small amount of oil floating on water), but not all the oil!

3, the flow requirements of large, do not self-priming feature of the occasion.

The above applications, you can choose FSP large flow range.

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