WPpump Water Pump

Proper use of the water pump

  1, the start
   (a) the pump before the connection is to determine the correct direction of rotation of the motor, pump rotation is flexible (or filled with water in the pump after checking motor steering, water pump idling is prohibited)

     (b) close the valve spit pipeline.

     (c) filled with water to the pump, or pump water.

     (d) power, when the pump reaches normal speed, and then gradually open the valve piping spit, and adjust to the desired conditions. Spit valve on the pipe in case of closure, the pump

 Continuous working time can not exceed 3 minutes.

     2, stop

     (a) gradually threw off the valve pipeline, cutting off power.

     (b) if ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, the water pump should be released, in order to avoid cracking.

     (c) if the long-term to stop using, you should clean the oil pump disassembly, packaging, storage.

     3, operation

     (a) in the car and running, check the meter readings should be noted that concept, bearing temperature rise, temperature rise and fill drip and pump vibration and noise, etc. are normal, if unusual circumstances

 Should be timely manner.

     (b) bearing temperature and ambient temperature difference of no more than 40 ℃, the maximum bearing temperature rise less than 80 ℃

     (c) a small amount of filler leakage should be uniform.

     (d) bearing oil level should be maintained in the normal position, not too high or too low, too low to replenish the oil should be.

     (e) If seal ring and impeller wear with the parts of the gap is too large to be replaced with new seal ring (diameter of the new pump is about the gap in the 0.15 ~ 0.25mm)

     (f) should be provided so that the performance of the pump nameplate point (flow, head, etc.) near the operation, it will give the pump a long work in the area of high efficiency, in order to achieve maximum energy savings.

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