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How to select a good agricultural pumps

In recent years, the small agricultural pumps, due to low prices, easy operation, etc. by the majority of users. However, the small number of pump manufacturers, technology varies greatly, resulting in poor product quality merits. Coupled with the operation, improper use and other factors, so that a large number of users to generate a new trouble, and even appeared on a number of economic loss. According to statistics, China’s annual production of agricultural pumps used to replace half of the number of scrap products. Therefore, how to choose a durable, desirable and how to extend the pump pumps the life of the majority of users would be very concerned about.

First, select the standard pump

1, What is standardized pump

Pump is the national standardization according to ISO requirements, development, implementation of the latest models of pumps. Its main characteristic is small, light weight, excellent performance, easy operation, long life, low power consumption. It represents the latest trend of the current pump industry.

2, how to choose the pump

When the user selects the pump, it is best to point of sale approved agricultural sector, we must recognize the manufacturers. Recommended priority to purchase water-filled submersible pump, and see the brands and product quality certification. Must not buy 3 None (that is, no manufacturer, no production date, no production license) products, otherwise there is a problem, the user will do nothing.

3, what a good brand pumps

As a user, due to the limitations of professional knowledge, it is difficult to decide, the best way is to consult an expert in terms pump. If it is no advice, may wish to consult some of the old pump users, especially those with their own conditions similar to those used to buy these users trust, quality, reliable and mature product, after all, a wise choice. Meanwhile, the power should be based on local conditions to determine the single-phase or three-phase pump pump.

Second, the choice to meet the requirements of the pump head

1, the pump head options

The so-called head lift is needed, not to mention the water height, clearly this is particularly important for the selection of the pump. To enhance the water pump head height of about 1.15 to 1.20 times. If a water source to water at the vertical height of 20 meters, the required lift is about 23 to 24 meters. Pump should be selected so that the pump head on the plate with the required lift close to the best, under such circumstances, the most efficient pumps, the use will be more economical. But not necessarily require absolute equal, generally do not exceed 20% of the deviation, the more energy-efficient pumps can work under.

2, how much of a good head

Select the head of a far less than the required pump head, often can not meet the user’s wishes, even to the Sheung Shui to pumping, water will be pitifully small, and even become a useless, idle pump. The pump head is the better buy? It is not. High-lift pump for low lift, there will be heavy traffic, resulting in motor overload, if the long-running, motor temperature, the winding insulation layer will gradually aging, and even burning motor.

Third, choose the right pump flow

Pump flow rate, that amount of water, the general election should not be too large, otherwise the pump will increase the cost of purchase. Should analyze specific issues, such as a user with their own draft of the self-priming pump, the flow should be as much as possible smaller; such as submersible pumps used for irrigation users, you can select the appropriate number of the flow.

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