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How to choice the suitable style pump

Pump type series and model choice

1 Selection of the transmission medium of the physical conditions of a transmission medium chemical properties of the physical and chemical properties of a direct impact on pump performance. Materials and structures, is the selection of the important factors to consider. Physical and chemical properties of media, including: media name media properties (such as corrosive. Abrasive. Toxicity, etc.). Statehood particle concentration and particle size, density, viscosity. Gasification pressure. If necessary, should also list the gas content of the medium, indicating that the media is easy to crystallization.

2 process parameters selection of process parameters is the most important basis for the pump, should be based on careful process and to determine the operating range.

(1) flow rate Q is the flow value of the production process equipment, required quality of pump-mediated transport, process staff should normally be given to normal. Minimum and maximum flow. Often only on the pump data sheet is given to normal and the rated flow. Selected pump, the device requires no less than the rated flow maximum flow rate, or take the normal flow of 1.1 to 1.15 times.

(2) Head H refers to the process equipment required to lift the value, also known as the calculation of lift. General requirements for the installation of the pump head required to lift rated 1.05 to 1.1 times.

 (3) inlet pressure Ps and Pd outlet pressure pump outlet pressure means the pressure out over the flanges, the size of the impact on import and export pressure shell and seal requirements.

(4) The temperature T refers to the pump inlet medium temperature, the general process of the pump should be given the normal import media. Lowest maximum temperature.

 (5) devices, also known as NPSH NPSHa effective NPSH.

(6) Operating status of sub-state operation of continuous operation and intermittent operation of the two. 3 on-site conditions, site conditions, including pump installation location (indoors. Outdoors), ambient temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric corrosion conditions and hazardous area classification levels and other conditions. 3 the type of pump selection pump unit should be based on process parameters. Conveying the physical and chemical properties of the medium. Operating cycle and structural characteristics of the pump and other factors a reasonable choice.

Centrifugal pump has a simple structure, no pulse infusion, flow control and simple, so in addition to the following circumstances, as far as possible use centrifugal pump.

(1) measurement requirements, the selection of metering pumps

(2) head demanding, very little traffic and no pump for low flow high head available, the choice of reciprocating pump

(3) head low, traffic is heavy , the choice of axial and mixed pumps

(4) medium viscosity (greater than 600 ~ 1000mm2 / s), the choice of rotor pump or reciprocating pump; viscosity, especially larger, can use a specially designed high viscosity degree rotor pump and reciprocating pump high viscosity

(5) greater than 5% of the medium gas content, viscosity, flow rate less than 37.4 mm2 / s, the choice of whirlpool pump

(6) of the irrigation pump start or inconvenience of frequent occasions, performance should be used with self-priming pump is the pump under a series and material selection

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