WPpump Water Pump

11 problems and resolvents of water pump

1, the pump does not switch when start

Reasons: too tight or filler between the impeller and the pump is clogged with debris stuck; shaft, bearings, leakage ring rust to live; serious bent shaft.

Remedy: relax filler, and clear the flume: open the pump clear debris or rust; correction or replacement of the curved axis of the shaft.

2, no water pump

Reason: there is air or pump inlet product gas; bottom valve closed lax irrigation dissatisfaction, filling a serious vacuum leak; gate or door closed lax.

Remedy: remove debris, replace the damaged rubber pad to change the direction of valve; compaction or replacement of the filler, closed valve or door; to increase irrigation, until deflation is not effervescent at the plug; replacement cracked pipe water; lower head, the pump nozzle into the water 0.5 m pressure.

3,flow shortage

Reasons: the actual head over to allow the pump head; speed is not complete or belt slippage, speed is low; axial blade installation angle is too small; suction is too high; bottom valve, pipe blockage or impeller and impeller local defects; outlet pipe serious leakage.

Remedy: reduce lift and restore the rated speed, remove dirt and adjusted the belt belt tightness; adjusted the blade angle to reduce pump installation location; tighten the gland seal water pump leaks, compression packing or replace the packing; clear obstruction , replace the impeller; replace leaking ring, plug leaks.

4,flow into small

Reason: filter becomes clogged or bell gradually; move the water level lower, into the water flood depth is not enough.

Remedy: Clear debris, increasing the depth of the bottom valve into the water.

5, water disruption in running

No broken water or intermittent water, less water.

① Motor does not start, remove the circuit fault;

② pipe plug, remove the blockage;

③ pipe rupture, welding or for praise;

④ treatment network congestion, clear the obstruction;

⑤ suction port above the surface, if decentralization is still valid when the pump is recommended for pumps;

⑥ pump reversal, exchange power line phase sequence;

⑦ pump casing seal ring, impeller damage, replaced with new parts.

6, the motor can not start, accompanied by the hum

① If one phase circuit, repair line;

② bearing axle, repair or replacement;

③ foreign body within the impeller and pump stuck, remove foreign bodies;

④ voltage is low, adjust the voltage.

7, too much current, the ammeter pointer swing

① rotor swept cavity, replace the guide bearing;

② rotating shaft and bearing relatively inflexible, replacement or repair of bearings;

③ thrust bearing wear due to severe, leaves turn and the seal ring relative to ground, replace the thrust bearing or thrust plate;

④ shaft to bend, bearing misalignment, send cramps factory repair.

8, motor winding insulation resistance to low

Motor windings and cable connector or cable is damaged, replace the winding, repair connector or cable.

9, severe vibration when running

① rotor imbalance, in addition to loose bolts can be fastened, the other failed to send manufacturing process;

② pump impeller imbalance;

③ motor or shaft bent.

10, bolt loose

Reason: there is water inlet pipe or clogged; packing wear, loose, water-sealed tube blockage; impeller is broken or loose; move the water level declined sharply.

Remedy: Clear blockage and replacement of fill, dredge water pipe trench, a bad seal is properly installed; tightening or replacing the impeller; reduce pump installation location, or until the water level rise after the start.

11, the power consumption of too much

Reasons: speed is too high; shaft bending; leaves around with debris; head too high.

Remedy: Adjust the right speed; correction shaft.
Third, the greater the flow requirements of medium containing a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues, etc.

Description: to smoke in the medium, one that contains less than 31mm diameter soft solid particles (such as hair, fish manure, sewage sludge, residues, etc.), and can be cut into smaller particles, but the viscosity can not be too great!

2, allowed to work in media containing a small amount of oil (such as a small amount of oil floating on water), but not all the oil!

3, the flow requirements of large, do not self-priming feature of the occasion.

The above applications, you can choose FSP large flow range.