WPpump Water Pump

The attention of agriculture pump using

1, the arrangement of agricultural pumps
A. actual water pump head allows the vacuum pump must be less than the height.
B.pump inlet should be as short and straight, not upward tilt in the horizontal line or above the pump to avoid cavitation generated when the pump is running, reducing the efficiency of the pump.
C.pump outlet pipe should be as close as possible out of the pool water, too low will affect efficiency.
D.the end of the valve or pump inlet port and water from the bottom edge of the water from the inlet of not less than the diameter of the inlet into the water concentration is not less than 0.5m. More than one pump installation, pump foot valve or adjacent The distance between the inlet port is not less than 2-fold at the end of the inlet valve or the diameter of the mouth.
E.for belt drive, prone to slip, so calculated by the formula pulley diameter, should be properly adjusted. Power machine pulley to increase: Triangle pulley should increase 1% to 2%; flat pulley should increase 2% to 5% water pump pulley diameter should be reduced: 1% v-belt reduced to 2%, 2% reduced flat pulley ~ 5%.

2, super suction pump to run
Dry weather, water level dropped, the pump suction state over a long period to run.

According to the determination of more than 0.5m suction pump, the water is reduced about 20%. Therefore, the super suction pump should take effective measures to address, in order to reduce economic losses and energy waste.

3, the bottom valve leaking water pump to fill the o method can not be
During the agricultural pumps camel lines, sometimes at the end of valve leakage phenomenon, mainly caused by the end of the valve Mifengbuyan. Some operator is the easy way, at each power before the first inlet port to fill some dry soil, the soil will be washed in the end and then irrigation valve, so that at the end of the valve leak. This method looks simple, but not desirable. Because when the pump starts to work, the bottom valve of sand flowing into the pump will wear impeller, pump casing and shaft and so on. Long-term so that this method will shorten the life of the pump. Therefore, when the water pump at the end of the valve Mifengbuyan leakage, should raise the bottom valve, repair, do not repair, to replace the foot valve.

 4, the pump shaft packing leak
Centrifugal pumps in operation, due to high speed, continuous use for a long time, the pump shaft packing wear faster, if not increase filler, and it will leak water pump shaft packing. When the pump shaft packing leak, the pump will be cavitation damage to the impeller speed. In addition, it was determined, the pump shaft packing will leak out about 15% less water. Therefore, the pump shaft packing leakage is found, should be timely maintenance.
 5, vibration pump pump pump shaft bending vibration is generally due to, if not timely maintenance, it will damage the components. Therefore, once the pump vibration that should be

Immediate repair.
6, the water pump drive belt in operation and maintenance
Pump running, we should pay attention to the tightness of the belt. Too tight, the bearings may have a fever, to speed up the greatest damage to the shaft; the other hand, the pump is below the rated speed, will reduce efficiency, but also because of the beating belt damage. Such as elastic fit, there are skidding, you can put some tape in the drive to bring the wax, keeping in mind the following points:
A.belt can not be stained with oil, so as not to slip and corrosion.
B.to keep the belt clean. Belt is dirty, clean, wash with warm water.
C.belt model specifications must meet, not a mistake.
D.belt when not in use, should be kept in direct sunlight and free of grease and other corrosive areas.
E.new belt before use, the surface must be removed with a white powder. Replacement Triangle belt should be replaced into the group.

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