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Now and forever of self-priming pump

    With economic development, self-priming pump in the project to be more widely used, the following details to help you self-priming centrifugal status and its development.

self-priming pump because of its simple installation, small footprint, easy maintenance, no noise, etc., are widely used in public works projects, factories, commercial, hospital, hotel, residential and other discharges. At present, China’s domestic self-priming centrifugal mainly by domestic manufacturers production and manufacturing, a small number of products imported from abroad. Market prospects are bright. However, the reliability of sewage pump needs to be strengthened, therefore, improve the technological content of its products is the main direction of future development firms.

Self-priming centrifugal direction of development self-priming pump for the problems, some domestic manufacturers to focus on the development of pump protection system: the sewage pump automatic alarm when an exception occurs or power off. Although this approach can play a certain effect, but this protection is necessary, but this is not the fundamental way to solve the problem, we need to focus on improving the performance of the pump, the problem is basically solved.

In addition, product development should fully take into account environmental issues, so that R & D products are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly.

In summary, the submersible sewage pump in the future need to be resolved is to improve the reliability of the use, can adapt to a variety of work environments, optimizing the structure design, to further improve the performance of self-priming pumps.

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