WPpump Water Pump

How to install the water pump

1. according to the installation preparation
(1) Check the pump and motor, to ascertain in the process of shipping and handling without damage.
(2) Check the tools and lifting, and check the machine’s base.

2. water pump installed by the order
(1) set of pumps arrived on the scene, have been installed motor; leveling base, you can not remove the pump and motor.
(2) the installation of the pump based application level plane leveling, cement-based solidification will be installedin the pump according to the basis and level with the level of instrument checks, such as uneven application of thehorn is adjusted until the level up, and then filling the hole by the concreting the base and anchor bolt holes.
(3) cement to dry, check the base and anchor bolts are loose, tighten the anchor bolt appropriate nut, and finallycheck the level of the whole unit degree, is not usually a little, can be inclined iron leveling.
(4) of the pump suction line and threw pipe should have its own stand, does not allow a direct pipeline from the pumpto withstand the weight.
(5) the direction of rotation of the motor shaft and should be consistent, otherwise, the three-phase induction motoras a driving force, as long as the three leads in position to connect any two pairs can be changed.
(6) of the pump according to the location above the surface mounted (suction pump within the allowable range), the suction pipe should be installed on the bottom end of the valve, and set the filling liquid in the drain hole or way valve for start irrigation fluid before use. Loading is lower than at the pump when the liquid level in the suction pipe fitted with control valves.
(7) The pump must be installed by highly NPSHr NPSH requirements, to avoid cavitation.

3. pump removal
(1) Remove the suspension of the oil drain plug on the body, put a net oil, remove the motor.
(2) Loosen the pump body bolts and bearings, the impeller, seal body, bearing the body and pump separation.
(3) Release the impeller nuts, remove the impeller key pieces of peace.
(4) Remove the shaft seal and seal part of the body, the mechanical seal stationary ring out, remove the packing gland packing seal packing can be removed.
(5) Remove the mechanical seal from the shaft and the rotating part of the sleeve, sleeve packing seal can be removed.
(6) Remove the bearing bracket and the coupling body.
(7) Remove the bearing gland, thrown water rubber ring, shaft and bearings.

4. the pump assembly
4.1, the pump assembly sequence is basically carried out in accordance with the reverse order of removal. Mechanical seal installed in the press should pay attention to several points:
(1) rubber O-ring for damage, swelling phenomenon, if it must be replaced.
(2) dynamic and static ring to keep the surface clean and coated with a small amount of absolute oil.

4.2, installed by packing should pay attention to:
(1) beat the cylindrical sleeve is not greater than 0.05mm.
(2) Fill intercepted, take the port 45, and according to the shaft before installation, the size of the filler on the top pressure in a special plastic mold.
(3) packing into the packing cavity, filling the lap per lap staggered, before driving need to loosen the packing gland, turning gradually pressed.

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