WPpump Water Pump

WPPUMP power multistage centrifugal pump

Type DL pump is vertical single-suction multi-stage segmental centrifugal pump.It can deliver clear water or other liquid which is physically or chemically similar to clear water.The temperature of the liquids is 0~80 degree centigrade.The inlet perssure of pump can not be over 0.6Mpa.Type DL pump is vertically installed with advantages of conpact structure,low-noise and space-saving.It is widely used for feeding water in high buildings in city,heat supply system,fire-extinguishing system,air-condition system and factories
Water system;Central heating system;Fire-fighting system;Air-conditioning system;Water supply & drainage for industrial and mining enterprises
Features and Benefits
Compact structure;Low noise; Small ;High efficiency & space-saving
multistage centrifugal pump

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