WPpump Water Pump

Vertical self-priming industry pump

Vertical self-priming industry pump which designed and developed by our factory is our country’s pioneering product.It

is widely used in the fields of petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,power station,steel,mine,paper-

making,electrodeposit,environmental protection,fine-extinguishing,architecture and sewage-treating.Part of them can

instead of inundated pump,long-shaft pump or pump started frequently .It is suitable for delivering clear

water,seawater,sewage with little particles(no fibre),industrial waste water,oil and other medium with corrosion.
1.The temperature of medium is below 100 degree centigrade.
2.The capacity ratio of medium is under 2%.
3.The viscosity of medium is 0.000007~0.000023�O/S.
4.The density if medium is below 1100kg/m³.
5.The particle diameter of medium(unit:mm).
Construction feature
Vertical self-priming industry pump has more advantages than type WFB self-suction pump.The feature is as following:
1.The impeller is closed structure with excellent performance.Its Eff.iciency is 10%~15% higher and permissible

installing suction depth is 0.5~1m deeper than that of type WFB pump with opened impeller.Compared with other pumps

with the same performance parameter,the motor power of this kind pump can be more low,so it saves more energy.
2.Pump adopts air-water mixed vane segregator with many passages(self-suction disc)for suction,the suction speed is

more fast and its self-suction time is 1/3~1/2 shorter than that of type WFB pump has small cubage and light weight.
3.There are two type for water entering:Type WLZ pump adopts pipe-structure with inlet and outlet installed at ant

angle of plane 360 degrees.Type WZY pump’s suction mouth is downward and outlet can be installed at any angle of plane

270 degrees.It has the features of space-saving and less cost for construction.It needn’t dismantle inlet and outlet

pipes while maintenance.
4.Seal uses dynamical sealing which ncludes vice-impeller sealing and breakdown sealing.But typr WFB pump has no

special breakdown sealing and it is not suitable for start-upfrequently.
5.Connection:Pump is connected with motor through rigid coupling.View from motor end,the rotating direction of pump is

6.It is unnecessary to fix check valve or electromagnetism vacuum-destroy valve in pump inlet,it has U pipe which can

automatically break siphon and air-balance hole,when pump stops operating,siphom can not pump all water out of pump,so

only when pump first starts,it should be poured liquid.
7.Pump can be equipped with controller which can automatically start and stop pump according to ligquid level,and give

an alarm for over loading,pump can work automatically without any help of people.Vertical self-priming industry pump