WPpump Water Pump

horizontal split Multistage casing water pump

Refinery;Chemical plant;Oil transmission pipeline;Pressurized water supply;Power station
Features and Benefits
Axial split structure. It comprises of pump body and pump cover . The split face between pump body and pump cover is connected by the big flange and fixed by the reinforced bolt. The symmetrical distributed double- volute structure balances the radial force quite well;The most obvious feature of the rotor is the thick shaft. The impeller casted integrally has an interference fit with the shaft and fixed on the shaft seperately, back-to-back symmetrical arrangement;Primary impeler with a double-suction structure improves cavitation performance and reduce NPSH, reducing the production cost of the device significantly;Self-lubrication or forced feed lubrication��The shaft seal can be sealed catridge seal, single end, double end and series type mechanical seal according to the condition of usage. The pressure (inlet pressure) of the two ends sealing chamber is designed to be the same, which ensures normal operation of mechanical seals at two ends under low pressure.

Multistage casing water pump

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