WPpump Water Pump

High temperature high pressure Reciprocating pump

WPPUMP High temperature high pressure Reciprocating pump Suitable for radiation feeding and hydrotreating feeding, the key pump for petrochemical refinery; Petroleum refinery;Petrochemical and chemical industry;boiler feed water;Dephosphorization for steel factory; Decoking under high pressure;Transfer of petroleum, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas and light hydrocarbon;Inflammable, explosive and toxic liquid under high temperature and high pressure
Features and Benefits
The internal shell has two structures, sectional multistage or horizontal split casing. It could be repaired without the disassembly of the pipeline. The maintenance of horizontal split casing type shell is more convenient. The rotor can be taken out directly from the internal shell;The bearing at the two end of the pump is antifriction bearing or sliding bearing. Self-lubrication or forced feed lubrication. There is no temperature or pressure monitor for the forced feed lubrication bearing. The axial force of the pump is endured by the balancing device. The remaining axial force is endured by the thrust ball bearing or thrust bearing pad The shaft seal is the mechanical seal with self-washing system, which makes it work properly under the normal temperature and pressure.
High temperature high pressure Reciprocating pump

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