WPpump Water Pump

Double-suction axially split casing water pumps

To produce Soda;To produce Salt;To produce citric acid;To produce anhydrous sodium sulphate
Features and Benefits
The forced circulation pump has two ordinary types. One is ordinary structure, which is suitable for floor type of installation, axial suction and radial discharge. The other is suspending structure, which is suitable for suspending the pump part on the pipeline, and the installation of motor is of floor type;The impeller is located at the impeller chamber with distance adjusted according to the actual position of the impeller , which ensures optimum position for better pump efficiency;There are two types of sealing structure, double-function packing seal (operation packing seal and shutdown packing seal respectively) and double-end catridge mechanical seal (easy to disassemble);Thin oil lubrication, oil cooling by the cooling device, for better operating condition;The pump performance can be changed with vane setting angle and revolving speed adjusted according to the technology requirements.

split casing pumps

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