WPpump Water Pump

WPPUMP slurry pump

Type WPPUMP slurry pump are designed and developed jointly by WPPUMP Co., Ltd. and China University of Mining and Technology as minimum damage principle, adopting world-advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory and introducing foreign advanced hydraulic model. The geometry of the flow passage components comes in line with flowage of medium and reduces local losses and linear hydraulic loss like vortex and strike so as to reduce the loss of flow passage components. The pump series has a complete range of specifications, high efficiency, low noise, few vibration, long life performance, easy installation and maintenance etc.
Type WPPUMP slurry pump apply to mines, metallurgy, power, coal, chemical engineering, building materials etc., and are used for delivering abrasive and corrosive slurry with solid particles, the maximal weight concentration of its solid liquid mixture:
mortar less than or equal to 45%, ore slurry less than or equal to 60%.
Working Condition
Q: 3~4000m3/h
H: 2.4~148m
Inlet Diameter: 25~550mm
Inlet Working Pressure: less than or equal to 0.6Mp
Working Temperature: less than or equal to 120 degree centigrade
llustrations of Model Type
50 indicates that outlet diameter is 50mm;
ZJ indicates that LEO slurry pump grease
lubrication, with “X” is oil lubrication;
330 indicates that impeller outer diameter is 330mm;
A indicates the first change of impeller outer diameter and so on.
Structural Characteristics

 High efficiency
World-advanced hydraulic model, solid-liquid two-phase flow theory, intermediate frequency smelting and evanescent mode cast ensure high efficiency of pump, its efficiency is 3-5% higher than that for ordinary slurry pumps.
 Outstanding anti-abrasive
Solid-liquid two-phase flow theory design and complex alloy materials make slurry pumps high-wearing feature, erosion resistance and shock resistance.
 Outstanding Leak-proof feature
Dynamic voltage drop structure and unique combined mechanical seal will truly accomplish the purpose of leak-proof and long performance life, solving frequent problems associated with mechanical seal failures.
 Easy installation and maintenance
The structural designs of type WPPUMP slurry pump include horizontal, single-stage single-suction, double shells and bracket type.
The structure of shell body for double shells is vertical split-case, and the location of outlets can be spaced at 45 degrees and installed and used by rotating 8 different locations; it is easy to take out bearing components from horizontal split-case bracket, facilitating inspection.
Rotation of Pump
From the angle of pump driver, pump rotor is rotating clockwise.
Means of Transmission
The series slurry pump may adopt means of transmission including direct connection DC, belt drive(CR, CL, CV, ZV),hydraulic and frequency control etc.
Scope of supply
Pump, base (common base or pump base itself), auxiliary motor ( electric motor, diesel), special tools for drive disk assembly, starter (optional).