WPpump Water Pump

Vertical Volute Industrial Pump

Type LW pump is vertical single-stage single-suction volute centrifugal pump.It is used for circulating pump in power station and water drainage in mines,cities and farmlands.It is suitable for delivering clear water,rainwater,seawater and sewage etc.The tepmerature of liquid should be below 55 degrees.
Construction feature
Type LW pump is vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending,pump foundation has two types:the single foundation and the double foundation ,the double foundation.For single foundation,the pump and the motor is directly connected,but for double foundation,the pump and the motor is mounted in separate foundation and they are connected by driven shaft.The axial force of pump is usually borne by motor and it can also be designed to bear by pump checking bearing according to customer’requirements.Pump is directly driven by motor through rigid coupling or flexible coupling.
Pump adopts anti-abrasive structure and anti-wearing material,it can deliver muddy water with 15% sand.Pump adopts vice-vane to balance partial axial force of pump and reduce pressure.Shaft seal adopts packing seal,itcan adopt shut down seal and lubricate guide bearing with exterior water for the medium with sand.Pump uses rolling bearing which get lubicated by grease or dilute oil.The rotation of pump rotor is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump.It can also be designed clockwise.

Technical Parameters :

Flow (design point): 0.55-33.3m³/h
Head (design point): 2-15m
Outlet diameter: 700-3000mm
Temperature of transferred liquid:less than or equal to 60 degree centigrade

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