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vertical diagonal Mixed Flow Pump

Type HLB, HLBK vertical diagonal flow pumps are newly developed energy-conserving products, which are introduced the advanced technology from U.S. Ingersoll-Rand Company, Ebara Corporation in Japan and Germany KSB Company according to China’s reality.
They are suitable for delivering clean water lower than 55 degrees, rainwater, seawater and sewage etc. They can be used as circulating pumps in power plant, also as industrial consumption, urban water supply, drainage works and farm irrigation in steel works, docks etc.
Working Condition
Outlet Diameter:800-2800 mm
Illustrations of Model Type

1600 indicates that outlet diameter is 1600mm;
HLB indicates non pull-out vertical diagonal flow pump
(HLK indicates pull-out vertical diagonal flow pump)
S indicates that outlet is upward
X indicates that outlet is downward
A indicates that impellers have been cut.
Structural Characteristics
 Two mounting means: 1) single layer base: the electric motor and pump are directly installed on the same base, its outlet may be installed below the base and above it. 2) Double layer base: the electric motor and pump are installed respectively on the bases, its outlet are between two bases.
 Pumps are divided into non pull-out and rotor pull-out (including diffuser) or.
 The impellers are divided into integral impeller and combining impeller. The vane can be made into unadjustable, semi-adjustable and full adjustable.
 The axial force of pump is borne by thrust bearing of the electric motor or of the pump (power of motor is less than 500KW).
 Pump’s bearing is rubber guide bearing (wearable, anticorrosion, seawater resistance rubber) and Thordon bearing. Pump spindles are usually equipped with pillars within which clean press water is filled to smooth and wash guide bearing. Pressure and water volume can be controlled by flow relay to avoid bearing damage caused by lack of water. It is not necessary to connect with water lubrication externally when choosing Thordon bearing.
 When transporting sewage or water with kernels, there is an automatic shaft gland device at the end of guide bearing which is in the diffuser to prevent the medium from entering the bearing after downtime.
 For pumps used in seawater transmission, in addition to using anti-seawater materials, it also used sacrificial anode protection and external power source cathodic protection device to avoid electrochemical corrosion of pump parts.
 Pump is driven by the electric motor directly through rigid or flexible coupling.
 The suction inlet of pump has two types, one is trumpet type, the other is modified oval diversion pier.
Rotation of Pump
View from the electric motor, the rotation of pump rotor is counterclockwise.
Scope of the whole set
Pump, electric motor, transmission parts (no such parts when the axial thrust is borne by electric motor), effluent flap-valve, base or installation liner plate.

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