WPpump Water Pump

Single Suction Multistage Segmental Centrifugal water Pump

D,DM type pumps, designed and developed jointly by Hunan LEO Co., Ltd. and China University of Mining and Technology, are single suction multistage segmental centrifugal pumps which adopt energy-efficient hydraulic model, they conform to GB/T5675 Centrifugal Pump Technical Condition III, with wide performance range, high efficiency, reasonable structure, safe and steady operation, low noise, long life performance and easy installation and maintenance.

Application :
D type pump apply to mining, factory and city water supply and drain, and are used for transporting clear water without solid particles, abrader and suspended substance or other liquids that their physical and chemical properties are similar to clear water.
DM type pump apply to drainage works in steel works and mine, it is intended to deliver mine drainage and other sewage whose solid content is not exceed 2% and particle is not exceed 0.5 mm.
Working Condition
n: 2950,1480r/min
Q: 3~864m3/h
H: 50~800m
Inlet Diameter: 40~300mm
Inlet working pressure: less than or equal to 0.6Mpa
Working temperature: 0~80 degree centigrade
Illustrations of Model Type
The first letter indicates:
D-single suction multistage segmental
centrifugal fresh water pump
DM-single suction multistage segmental centrifugal wear pump
DF-single suction multistage segmental anti-corrosive pump
DY-single suction multistage segmental centrifugal oil pump
The second number indicates the capacity at the designed point. (m3/h)
The third number indicates the single stage head at the designed point. (m)
The fourth number indicates the number of stage. Structural Characteristics
The pump series is installed horizontally, the inlet is horizontal and the outlet is upward, they can be changed as required. The pump consists of pump body, rotor, balanced construction, bearing and seal.
Pump body: suction casing, stage casing, discharge casing and diffuser are linked by bolts to form a working house.
Rotor: it consists of shaft, impeller, shaft sleeve, balance disk etc. The spare parts of shaft are rolled into one by straight supported by bearing at both ends keys and sleeve nuts, the rotor is in pump casing.
Balanced construction: it consists of gimbals, balancing sleeve, balanced pipeline.
Parts of bearing: they consist of shaft box, bearing and bearing cover. Except 85-67,155-67,600-80,800-80 type pump adopt sliding bearing and oil lubrication, other pumps adopt rolling bearing and grease lubrication.
Sealing parts usually adopt packing seal, mechanical seal as well.
Drive: pump is driven directly by motor through flexible coupling. Viewed from the motor end, the rotating direction of pump is clockwise.

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