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Single-stage Vertical Axial Flow pump

Type Vertical Axial Flow pump are single-stage vertical axial flow pumps, while type ZWB(Q), ZXB(Q) pumps are oversize horizontal, oblique axial flow pumps. They are applicable to transport clean water, sewage (or waste water) and liquid with slight corrosion.
The pump series with lower head and larger flow can be used in agricultural irrigation, salt field, culture, water supply, sewage treatment, transmission of power plant circulating water, docks and plumbing of other water conservancy projects as well as metallurgical and chemical industries etc. The temperature of delivered liquid should not be higher than 50 degree centigrade.
Illustrations of Model Type
40: the value of pump outlet diameter divided by 25 (this pump outlet is 1000mm)
ZLD: axial flow pump, vertical, fixed blade ZLB: axial flow pump, vertical, semi-adjustable blade
ZLQ: axial flow pump, vertical, adjustable blade
12: pump head at designed point
120: the value of pump outlet diameter divided by 25 (this pump outlet is 3000mm)
ZWB:axial flow pump, horizontal, semi-adjustable
ZWQ: axial flow pump, horizontal, adjustable ( X means oblique installation)
3: the pump head at designed point
There are 57 kinds of type ZLB, ZLQ pumps, in which 40 inches and above can be made into adjustable blade (ZLQ) pump.
Performance Range

The features of Vertical Axial Flow pump
 New model: efficient, good cavitation performance.
 New structure: easy to assemble and repair, reliable operation.
 Premium materials: durable. Blades, guide blades are made of raw steel materials, or albronze, stainless steel etc. when meet specific demand.
 Referring to international manufacturer’s standard: internal flow passage with smooth and bright surface, accurate molded lines of blades and guide blades, good interchangeability, low noise, few vibration. Structural Characteristics
1. Double layer vertical separated structure
Pump is mainly made of pump body, driving device and transmission shaft. Axial flow pump is made of suction bell, impeller, diffuser, outlet elbow, shaft, bearing, packing seal etc.(see picture), pump shafts at both end are borne by water lubricated rubber bearing, the surface of shaft journal is plated with hard chome.
Pump shaft at both ends are separately set up hub wheel and coupling which are fixed with each set of nuts. When operating, all the axial force is borne by thrust bearing inside driving device. Rotor axial displacement is adjusted by round nuts inside driving device.
Axial force, driving device, motor and rotor are borne by floor base supporting driving device. Pump body is borne by pump foundation. Vertical motor and pump are connected with an intermediate propeller shaft, which is equipped with flexible coupling at motor end and with rigid coupling at pump end. Customers and manufacturerers agreesetting elevation of motor.
The length of transmission shaft is usually within size range specified in installation outside drawing. If it scale out, an intermediate bearing is needed.
The outlet passage usually adopts conical diffusion outlet pipe for Vertical Axial Flow pump , there is an outlet flap valve.
2.Impellers have been tested with static equilibrium test.
3.The gap between hub wheel and diffuser is 0.5-0.6% of outlet diameter.
4.If cylindrical impeller chamber and inlet bell cast in block, the riding position of impeller is installed once only according to customers’ requirements, and can’t be changed randomly. For spherical impeller chamber, customers can close down and adjust it as required.
5.The gap between outer margin of impeller and impeller chamber is 0.1% of its outside diameter. When transporting sewage or impurity, the gap should be increased properly.

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