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Long-shaft clear water Pump

Type LC vertical long-shaft pump is a newly developed product with both homeland and overseas advanced experience in design and manufacture.It is used to deliver clear water,sewage with certain solid particles(such as iron scrap,sand,coal power etc.) and industry waste water and seawater with corrosive.The temperature of liquid can not be above 80 degrees.It is widely used in original water works,waste water factory,metallurgy and steel(especially suitable for delivering oxygenation iron sheet water),power station,mine,civil project and farmland etc.
Construction feature
The type LC vertical long-shaft pump is installed with single foundation,its inlet is vertical downward and outlet is horizontal.The pump and the motor is directly connected.The rotation of pump rotor is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump,the main features are as following

1.It is fine designed with hydraulic design software.It mackes impeller and other wearing parts has a long life because of anti-abrasive impeller and Diffusor.The pump is not only reliable,safe,steady buf also saving energy.
2.There is filter in pump inlet with proper hole,this can not only prevent impurity entering pump to damage pump but also decrease inlet loss and increase pump Eff.iciency.
3.Impeller adopts balance hole to balance axial force.There is replaceable seal ring in front and back cover board of impeller to protect impeller and pump.
4.Pump middle shaft,water column and guard pipe are multi-burl,middle shaft uses technology of sleeve coupling.Water pipe can be more less for different inundated depth according to user’srequirement.Impeller and Diffusor are multi-stage for different head.
5.Water pipe is connected by flange wigh guide bearing in its middle.Pump guide bearing adopts ethene or thordon bearing,it can also adopt rubber(when the temperature of liquid is over 55 degree centigrade).Shaft is protect by guard column,the guide bearing should be supplied with exterior cooling lubricating water,while delivering sewage.
6.The remaining axial force of pump and the weight of rotor parts is borne by thrust bearing in motor with thrust bearing.The thrust bearing is lubricated by dilute oil and cooled with exterior water.The thrust bearing can have element for monitoring temperature.
7.Pump shaft seal adopts packing seal,there is replaceable shaft sleeve in shaft seal and guide bearing to protect shaft,it is convenient to adjust axial location of impeller by nut in bearing parts upper end or pump coupling.
8.Pump can be equipped with controller which can automatically start and stop pump according to liquid level,give an alarm for over loading and control many pumps in long-distance.There is automatic exhaust system for pump with diameter over 500mm.

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