WPpump Water Pump

JJSU geared oil feeding pump

JJSU type geared oil-feeding pump is used to transport the oil, such as cooking oil, heavy oil, industrial light oil, lubricating oil, which is non-corrosion, non solid grain and fiber, the viscosity is 5*10—1.5*10m2/s, and the temperature of which should not exceed 70℃ (you can have it made to order if 300℃ is needed). The matching copper gear can transport the low-flash liquid, such as gasoline, benzene. It is applicable to oil warehouse, dock, shipping, factory, farmland and mine.

         CB-B type geared pump is the driven equipment transferring the mechanical power input by the motor into hydraulic pressure power through a pair of occlusive gear. Providing certain capacity and pressure as the hydraulic pressure power in the hydraulic pressure system of machine tool and other machines.

         S type geared oil pump can transport the neutral oil liquid, the viscosity of which is 1-8E, (such as the machine oil, kerosene, diesel oil and other petrolatum, and all kinds of plant oil), from one vessel to another vessel. It can improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity. So it is applicable to oil transportation in commerce, industry and agriculture.

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