WPpump Water Pump

Condensate Vertical Multistage Can Pump

Type LDTN Pump is a new energy-saving product developed on the basis of national and foreign advanced technology of the same species products.It is widely used for handing ,condensate water in 50,100,125,145,200,300,600,1000MW power stations and also used in irrigation and drainage project with high suction performance,high Eff.iciency and high head.

Construction feature 1.Installation:Pump is of single foundation construction with its barrel on foundation and in earth and overhanging rotor of discharge pipe connected to the barrel,the motor is mounted vertically on the discharge pipe and connected to pump flexibly or rigidly.
2.The suction chamber of the pump is of tightly enclosed barrel-bore.Barrel suction is located in underground groove under the foundation,also connected with water pipe of the condenser.And pumpdischarge mouth is located on discharge pipe on the top of the foundation with its’suction and discharge direction horizontal. 3.The parts in barrel,such as suction bell,suction stage(casing),mid-stage,diffusor,pump cover,sealing ring,bearing and discharge stage are connected through a lever and water-pressing connecting pipe under the discharge pipe overhangingly.
4.pump rotor consists of first and second stage impeller,shaft sleeve,lock bolt,spacer sleeve,sleeve coupling,shaft-sleeve nut,pump coupling and main shaft.
5.In accordance with inlet condition,the first-stage impeller is double-suction;but the second is of single suction diffusor vane kind and single-suction mixed flow kind.
6.The pump bearings are sliding ones of cast bronze alloy,thordon or TIANLONG bearing;its lubrication uses transporting liquid of its’own.
7.Pump axial thrust is borne by pump through flexible coupling,and it can also be designed to be borne by thrust beraing of motor.
8.Pump sealing have packing and mechanic kinds.The shaft seal system establishes decompression pipe,depression bush for high pressure part and system of shaft-seal water pipe attached.
9.The balance pipe system is set up in order to balance the pressure between inside of the barrel and that of the condenser,and to make better and stable the suction property.

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